AI Trading

Our services can benefit both people without experience and professional traders

Understanding our forex automated systems.

Trading algorithm is a systematic set of instructions written in a computer language that informs what actions to be taken by a given trading platform. It takes a few seconds for a professional trader to make an expert decision, while for algorithm this time is only 0.0001 seconds. With Forex Robot you can trade without being influenced by greed, fear or even simple mistakes in your orders. Experience and knowledge do not matter to them. The software integrates sophisticated algorithms and management tools.

Our system continuously scans the market and decides when to execute appropriate orders. Without mistakes related to manual trading, our robot brings about real benefits that encompasses round the clock trading and emotionless trading. It is strictly based on Price Action – no Indicators, no Martingale, no Grid, no Scalping… Just trend following and order entry based on smart money analysis. We follow an ultimate position sizing strategy that makes the profit/loss ratio of each trade always positive – the potential profit of each trade is always greater than the potential loss. This means that even we have more losers than winning deals, the end result will be positive.

Our system also relies on real market dependencies rather than random market theory – opens a position only when there is a pre-defined set of conditions. This means that there may be days, without a single deal if the necessary conditions are not present. It has an algorithm for controlling the volume traded. The calculations are made in milliseconds, based on the current account balance and the preset risk parameter in combination with money management that provides the most effective account management. A higher risk parameter means higher drawdown and tolerance to loss and significantly higher profits as a result. Thanks to this setting, you can join us to be an aggressive speculator or a conservative investor.