Have questions? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How Soon Can I Withdraw After My Initial Deposit?

Initial withdrawal take 30 days after you must have created an account and made your first deposit. And it’s processed within 24 business hours.

2. What Is The Minimum Investment?

Our minimum professional trading investment is £2,000. We also offer a trial plan of £200 which has a duration of 30 days only.

3. What Is The Monthly/Yearly ROI And How Much Management Fee Is Charged?

Our ROI ranges from 10-25% monthly with an 80%/20% profit split between the client and we the company. Where 80% of the profit goes to the client and then 20% to the company for management. The above profit split is done upon withdrawal only.

4. Is There A Charge For Every Withdrawal?

Yes, we charge a 0.3% withdrawal fee on every withdrawal. This is to prioritize our transactions in the blockchain system for faster withdrawal confirmations.

5. What Are Stable Coins(USDT & USDC)?

USDC and USDT are stablecoins that are pegged 1:1 to fiat US dollar currency.. They are stablecoins designed to reduce crypto volatility.(1 USDT/USDC is equivalent to 1$). Visit https://www.investopedia.com/terms/s/stablecoin.asp to learn more on stablecoins.

6. Why Crypto(Stablecoins) Facilitated Payment Systems?

There’re many advantages to crypto as a digital payments system in our world today but we focus on a few on Stablecoins, which are; How it minimizes time and expense involved in transactions, allows for easier international transactions and most importantly a waiver of service tax in Stablecoins(which is our major payment methods). Visit https://freemanlaw.com/stablecoins/ to learn more on the taxation of Stablecoins.

7. Where Can I Purchase USDT And USDC?

The two most popular Stable coins are Tether(USDT) and USD Coin(USDC). Despite our involvement with Pound sterling as a UK based company, we make use of the above popular Stable coins mentioned above as our digital payment system due it’s vast majority of users. Visit our top recommended exchanges and their links below to purchase either USDT or USDC.
- Blockchain; https://www.blockchain.com
- Trustwallet; https://trustwallet.com
- Crypto; https://crypto.com
NB: Ensure to convert your deposit equivalent from our traditional currency Pound sterling to Dollars while purchasing your Stablecoins.

8. What USDT & USDC Network Do Alpha Capital Finance Use?

We use the TRC20 network for USDT and then ERC20 network for USDC.

Other Questions?
Contact our support team for clarification.